Other Hosted Services

DNS Hosting Only - Single Domain

Using our latest Datacenter Infrastructure, you can rest assured you will always be found on the Internet.

Trend Worry Free Business Security (WFBS)

With Trend WBFS, you get access to 3 products in 1. A cloud app agent, an endpoint agent, and a cloud spam filter.

Veeam Cloud Backup - 250GB

Veeam has always been the fastest and most reliable backup program in the industry. We have been using Veeam for the better part of 10 years now. The cloud agent is installed to your machine, whether a server or computer and even virtual or physical, the data is securely backed up to our systems using the latest compression methods. We will configure a retention policy based on your organizations data retention policy to allow you "go back in time" and restore individual files or multiple versions of files and/or the state of the entire system.

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