Other Hosted Services

Hosted Server Backup Solution 100GB

100GB Backup agent based data protection plan. We setup a CDP agent on your server and configure it to regularly take backups of your server based on your needs. The data is de-duplicated and will be available for instant restore at 1GBps speed should you accidentally delete a file(s), file system becomes corrupted, or your server is compromised by hackers. We will configure a retention policy based on your organisations data retention policy to allow you "go back in time" and restore individual files or multiple versions of files and/or the state of the entire system.
This backup solution is a robust enterprise grade data protection used by us for many years to backup servers.

MailFoundry Hosted Spam Filtering

Protect your organization from spam and virus threats. The MailFoundry email filtering solution is the most powerful and easy to use. Stop spam and e-mail propagating worms before they get in to your mail server while allow legitimate messages to pass through.

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