We need to purchase or renew our own ssl and have it installed on your servers, what is the procedure for this?

To get a new certificate, you will need a CSR generated; this is simply a file that is generated on the server requesting a certificate. Please submit a support query, including the following information which we need to generate the CSR:

Domain name (for example, www.bean.com)
Organization (for example, food)
Organizational unit (for example, web)
Company name (for example, food enterprise inc)
City/locality (for example, Cleveland)
State/province (for example, Ohio)

If you want your customers to access https://www.bean.com, then put
www.bean.com as the domain name, if https://secure.bean.com, then
put secure.bean.com as the domain, etc.

PLEASE make sure the company name is EXACTLY as it appears on any
documentation that you will send to the Certificate Authority (for example if there is an
inc or a LLC in the name).

The organization and organizational unit can be the same thing, such
as your company name. What's important is that the name matches
any correspondence you might send to the certifier.

Do not use a "comma" character in any of the fields above.

Make certain to specify if you will be purchasing a certificate with standard;
(40-bit) encryption, 128-bit, etc. so that the correct type of CSR can be

DO NOT use any email addresses at ihostasp.net as the technical contact with
your Certificate Authority, as we will have no power to login to your 
Certificate Authority and we cannot do anything for you.

You can take this CSR to any Certificate Authority (we recommend www.instantssl.com) and start the process of purchasing your cert.  At this point, you will need to follow the instructions from your certificate vendor.

Once the Certificate has been issued, you must retrieve it from the Certificate Authority (standard format, Microsoft IIS 5.0 and later).  Open a support query notifying us you have received the Certificate.  We will reply with additional instructions which you will need to reply to, with the Certificate attached, so we can install it.

Renewing your certificate:

If you need to renew your certificate open a support query, and tell us you need a renewal CSR for your domain name, you do not have to give us the CSR information.

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