We want to take a moment to explain the changes that we will be undergoing over the next several months with all of our customers. We will be moving away from "Hosting Controller" and moving into several new ones. These new panels will all connect and integrate with your account here allowing for easier provisioning, management, cancellations, and everything else in between.


We will be moving our Wordpress and Apache Web Customers into cPanel to allow for better customer service management, as well as better security and uptime. These things are important in protecting these types of platforms and should provide our customers with a control panel that more people are familiar with and enjoy.


We will be moving our DNN, Joomla, Drupal, and any IIS and .NET Framework type sites over to our Plesk Servers. This service is built to better handle the Windows platform necessary for these Web Services and will continue to support them as long as the developers do. This will help bring a better and more secure control panel that customers are more familiar with and have easier interfaces to navigate.


Finally we will be moving our VPS customers over to our SolusVM 2 Platform. This will allow for our customers not only to be able to provision the server, but will also allow for connections to those servers through their WHMCS account as well as quick command options. This allows for better development of our infrastructure while providing better customer service to everyone.


If you have any questions to please contact the our main number 937-874-5144 to discuss what this will mean for your account and or website. We will be reaching out to each customer to explain the changes as well.

Friday, December 22, 2023

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